One aid to Optimize Your Entry Photos below 2 Megs

If you  need some help optimizing your entry files to fit the 2 meg entry  limit,  you are welcome to use  this is a third-party  on-line file optimizer. This is a courtesy program not tied to WCWS, so we have no connection to it. This is just to help you. If you know how to resize do it your way. 


  1. Gather your one or two entry  files that you plan to downsize to under 2 megs
  2.  Go to  Optimizer (See below)
  3. Follow their directions and either upload or drag your files to the optimizilla.
  4. When you download your files, they will be put into a compressed file folder. You will need to drag them out of the folder and rename them to the name required for the show entry. (See entry directions:  Example: Joe_smith_thesunflower.jpg

It is NOT required you use this optimizer. If you do not like this optimizer, please try your own or any basic photo editor to reduce your files to below 2 megs.