Portfolio Sample Example for Members: 2016-2017


  • 1) Slide show of your work at top,
  • 2) Your bio and text in the middle and
  • 3) a gallery of small images of your work at the bottom. 

The text here are suggestions– artists statement, bio, exhibitions, links to your web site, email if you want. It’s really up to you.

Joe Artist

“I believe art and nature intertwine in the use of watercolor . I have always seen the hues of nature in my color color palette.”

Joe Artist has been a watercolor artist in the Uncompahgre Valley for 40 years and has exhibited in five major galleries. A member of WCWS since 2001, Joe has served as president, treasurer and secretary. Joe will be doing five major shows in 2016 in Denver, Atlanta and Grand Junction.



Joe has shown at the following:

  •             1998-“The Birds of New Mexico”- Taos Gallery
  •             2001- “Women of the Frontier”- Ouray Center
  •             (etc.)


Email: joe@anyemail.com.

Website:  www.joeswebcorner.com


Bronco Orange and Blue-Joe Artist
Bronco Orange and Blue-Joe Artist
Park Bench- Joe Artist
Park Bench- Joe Artist
Purple Car-Joe Artist
Purple Car-Joe Artist