Portfolio Process for Members

HAVE YOUR OWN PERSONAL PORTFOLIO PAGE!                                  The cost is now a one time fee of $35.00.  Your page will remain on our website as long as you wish without further cost.  There will be another fee of $35.00 (approximately one hour of our webmaster’s time)  if you wish to change the images of your paintings or update your artist’s statement or resume.  (This could be every year, 5 years or more or never if you are satisfied with your page.)

Your page will include  up to 8 images of your choice, your biography,  artists statement, and links to your web page.  Cost is $35.00  to be paid through PayPal or send check to WCWS and mailed to WCWS, P. O. Box 3584, Grand Junction, CO  81502. Please follow the instructions below carefully to send your images and text to our webmaster.

  •  1.  Write out exactly what you want to appear as a Word or text document or in  the body of an email: Start with your name, an artist statement if you want, a biography and anything else you want to include.  EDIT as it will appear exactly as you send it. We will copy and paste your words into the site. NAME THIS FILE: BIO – YOUR NAME.

Note–Since this will be copied and pasted onto your page, there is no real word limit. Just remember viewers will not read long copy. Web readers SCAN for information; they rarely read.

  •  2.  Choose up to eight (8) jpg files then copy them in a folder on your computer. Title each jpg image with  the Title of Painting or how you want it – this is exactly what will appear with each image. You can use capitals and spaces but no special characters. Example:  TITLE   (AUTUMN BEAUTY). Name this file:  IMAGES – YOUR NAME.

Note–Your photos should be sized small so the folder of several images will send easily.  We suggest approximately 1000 dpi on longest side and 72 resolution.  This will keep others from making good copies of your work.

  • 3.  Send two e-mails with attachments : one with  the subject line  IMAGES – (YOUR NAME)   and the second with the subject line  BIO – (YOUR NAME) to portfolio@philward.net.   If you want a link for email, be sure to indicate it in the body of the email.

If you have questions, Email Dani Tupper for clarification or questions.

Here is a sample template page meant to be used as a guide only. You can create any type of copy you want.

Your page will be created in draft form for you to review. When your payment has been received, your page will be published on the site.  Pay by PayPal or send check made to WCWS to WCWS, P.O.Box 3584, Grand Junction, CO 81502.  Designate it is for Website page.

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