2020 Rockies West National Online Entry -Open

Please READ CAREFULLY:  For  on-line entries, Do NOT use  # (hashtags)  or  commas or other punctuation in your entry filenames to download. The judges will not see the entry.   Please use either of  these two  simple examples. 

Example : (Last name_first name_ title)   Smith_Bob_The Sunset.jpg

You also do not need capital letters.

 Example : (last name_first name_ title)   smith_bob_the sunset.jpg

Below is your on line entry form for the 2020 Rockies West Nation Open.

Please prepare your entry images to be less than 2 megs  before you start filling out the form.  If your image is larger than 2 megs, the form will not process and you will be asked to resize the image before finishing the process.

After you submit  the form, you should receive a copy of your form in a confirmation e-mail sent to the address you entered in the form. You will then be re-directed automatically  to the  payment page.

On  the payment  page where you will send in a check or pay with a credit card or Paypal.

You will  have three payment ( by check/ credit card/ Paypal ) choices:

  •  $25- member entry;
  • $35- non-member entry;
  • $45 – combination entry and short membership good until next July 2019

If you need to return  to the Payment page later , click here

If you have any issues with the  form, please contact Judy Chapman <judy_c@bresnan.net>

If you have Paypal or payment issues, please contact Carolyn Andres <carolyn@andresdesign.com>

Again Please Note: This is important. File names must not have Hash tags # or commas or any punctuation  in them. We are having an issue with file names that are way too long and have  punctuation characters in them.

PLEASE do this in naming your downloaded files-

  1. Example : (Last name_first name_ title)   Smith_Bob_The Sunset.jpgNew Example : (last name_first name_ title)   smith_bob_the sunset.jpg
  2. Use an underscore _ instead of a space.  my_entry_sky_212.jpg  (is OK)
  3.  Do not use punctuation marks or other characters such as : < : +#@ , etc.  (MY_entry:sky##…     is NOT OK) Try avoid capital letters too.
  4.  You will get a return entry copy for your files. It will  link to your entry. If you click the entry and cannot see the photo, your file name  was the problem . Please contact Judy,  rename file, and resubmit your file through her.

Acceptable file types: jpeg,jpg Maximum file size: 2mb. You can do an option Second entry however only one entry per person will be exhibited. Please use only letters and numbers in your file name. Use a _ (underscore) for spaces or leave none. DO NOT USE OTHER CHARACTERS SUCH AS # OR COMMAS OR : COLONS OR ANY OTHER KIND OF CHARACTER EXCEPT LETTERS,NUMBERS, AND UNDERSCORE. Thanks.
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